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The “finger tattoos” and their meaning

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Let’s start with stating the fact, that the finger tattoos are totally a thing now. Valentine’s Day often sees couples speaking of love and the everlasting commitment. Some of those lovebirds have decided (for better or worse) that there is no way more awesome…

Mondial du tatouage 2016 – worldwide tattoo convention in Paris

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The worldwide summit of the Mondial du Tatouage, held this year in Paris attracted tattoo artists and enthusiasts from across the globe. With its doors opened at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris, this time, it hosted more than 1200 delegates. Our friend James attended the convention and he decided to share the photos he took, as well as tell us more about his overall experiences in this guest post… See more of James’s photos on the…

Tramps Stamps And Pregnancy

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While some might have thought that such two topics as pregnancy and tattoos are not to collide ever, you’re wrong. Besides the obvious fact that women who get tattoos very often become pregnant sometime afterward or that sometimes some very edgy pregnant women get tattoos, there’s also a purely medical twist to the theme. The thing is, that when a woman in labor is offered an option of Epidural painkiller, then some kind of a harmful nasty side effect involving ink may resurface and…

What are the Henna Tattoos

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Well, while the world of “traditional”, black (or colorful) ink tattoos is big enough as it is, with multiple aesthetic and other subcategories in it, there’s also one other standalone theme in the world of branding yourself with an image (or a text). Yeah, our friends who’ve been to India, we’re talking about Indian henna kinds of tattoos. The thing is that this is indeed a kind of a tattoo and not fully a traditional type of it, especially considering the fact that it can be removed…