My name is Jason Mahar and I was born in Truro, Nova Scotia. I enjoyed drawing at a young age and eventually got into comics especially Spawn by Todd McFarlane he was one of my main inspirations.


When I was 12 years young I got my first tattoo at a kitchen party in Windsor needless to say my mother wasn’t too impressed by my decision lol. Many years later I’m happy to say she didn’t kill me and is now proud of my career choice. I took Graphic Design and worked in that industry for about 10 years as my day job while working on the side at Tattoo Studios learning the basic fundamentals of the craft until finally I opened Everlasting Ink in 2005 with a gumdrop Apple computer, one barber chair, a free months rent and the dream to create a fun, relaxed environment to work out of.

During the past 16 years my work has been published across Canada, won multiple awards, got to travel and work at conventions and guest spots, took some seminars from some of my idols like Bob Tyrrell, Nikko Hurtado and Joshua Carlton also have had the chance to help about 13 aspiring artists get their foot in the door through our studio and most now have moved on and are tattooing in their own shops.

Most of all I’ve had the chance to grow and learn from all of you for having the faith in me and my creations in your skin. Thank you eternally from me and my family of 5 amazing children for giving us the chance to thrive all because you walked through our door.

Some of Jason’s work